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Network Monitoring

In a competitive business landscape where 24x7 operations is mandatory, high availability of network and services has become a critical factor of concern for enterprises of all sizes. Any downtime of systems, networks or applications will translate into a huge revenue loss for the business.

Network availability and network performance are two critical parameters that determine the successful utilization of any network be it a LAN, MAN or WAN network. Disruptions in the network affect business productivity adversely and can bring regular operations to a standstill.

Industry experts say that typical network availability must reach 99.999%.

Your IT Network is like your company nervous system. If information cannot flow freely and securely, your company may suffer from a nervous breakdown. NetTechInfovision expert network monitoring services and outsourced NOC solutions can help.

  • Device Availability Monitoring
  • Interface Availability Monitoring
  • Network Traffic Analysis NetFlow and NBAR
  • Monitoring Class-based Quality of Service CBQoS
  • WAN & VoIP Performance Monitoring Cisco IP SLA
  • Network change and configuration management
  • Syslog and SNMP TRAP monitoring

Benefits of Network Monitoring:

Network Availability:

Network monitoring is capable of monitoring the availability status of all the links in the network as well the devices themselves that are part of the network. Hence network monitoring provides information on entire network availability.

Performance Analysis:

Network monitoring identifies any performance bottlenecks in the network as well as bandwidth utilization on the devices and the entire network. Such analysis is useful in optimizing the network to meet the business needs.

Availability and Uptime Guarantee:

Proactive network monitoring improves the remediation and resolution for any network related issues. You are able to accurately identify the source of the problem and then take corrective actions quickly. Hence the availability of the network improves dramatically.