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Firewall/IPS-IDS Monitoring

Enterprise security is a high priority issue today as organizations realize the extent to which their operations could be compromised through improper usage or protection of their information systems.


Our ability to exchange vast amounts of critical data over a medium that has minimal protection, such as the Internet, has permitted us to work faster and leaner than ever before, yet has unfortunately provoked a multitude of potential dangers that could cause a temporary breakdown or even collapse of a company’s operations.

Monitoring your IT infrastructure is the critical part in Enterprise Security system. We offer best in class 24×7 SOC services with L1-L2 support. Our experts remotely operate and monitor your on-premises Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Security Analytics platforms.


We also customize dedicated platforms to help you better utilize your current monitoring and analytics technology and provide on-site data control

We help identify vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, hosts, application and any other end points before anyone does.


We strive to lesson data breaches by generating and analysing scans, penetration tests and security policy assessments. We then develop and deploy the right strategies to protect your data and networks.