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We see Cloud Computing as one of the most powerful emerging trends that will change the way businesses are run today. Cloud computing is the delivery of shared computing resources, software or data. Virtualization is a foundational element of cloud computing and helps deliver on the value of Cloud Computing,

Virtualization is key for cloud computing. By allowing physical servers to run one or more virtual machines on demand, cloud architectures offer rapid scaling and efficient allocation of server resources on the fly

Cloud solutions are best for business with the following needs:

Outsourced IT:

The day-to-day administration, care and feeding of supporting systems move away from you to the service provider. This could free up internal IT resources for higher-value business support and allow you to put IT budget dollars toward efforts that advance your business.

Quick setup:

Cloud start up is relatively quick and easy. Plus, servers, appliances and software perpetual licenses go away when you use such a service.


An example could be found in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications available today that allow the off-loading of basic IT requirements to cloud service providers. You pay for what you need and use. But you do not have to continue to invest in many of the products used to support the network and systems, such as spam/anti-virus, encryption, data archiving, email services and off-site storage.


By using the cloud, you can also temporarily scale your IT capacity by off-loading high-demand compute requirements to an outside provider.

Our Services:

For customers who are running applications on traditional infrastructure and planning to migrate to Cloud In such cases, we can help customers migrate their applications from on-premise infrastructure or other hosting providers on to cloud our consultants provide a variety of cloud-based services and solutions. Let us help with your transition to the cloud.

  • We help customers in identifying and assessing opportunities to move on to a cloud environment to gain significant business benefits. We provide consulting services such as Cloud Discovery and Journey services which help customers adopt the right set of cloud services systematically and profitably.

  • • We have experience in infrastructure virtualization, data centre and migration services to provide implementation and migration to customers from existing environments to a Private Cloud environment. We also manage the entire Cloud infrastructure.