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Application monitoring

Knowing that your servers, routers, firewalls and websites are up and running is important. Knowing that everything is working properly, however, is absolutely crucial.

Applications Monitoring provides insight into resource usage, application availability and critical process usage for different Windows, Linux and other open source operating systems based applications. Applications Monitoring is essential for mission critical applications that cannot afford to have even a few minutes of downtime. With Application Monitoring, you can prevent application failures before they occur and ensure smooth operations.

Application Monitoringtool measures application performance using a variety of custom checks and balances, including:

  • Monitoring the process stack
  • Synthetic Transactions
  • SQL Database Queries
  • Multi-step scripts
  • Email transaction processing
  • Monitoring Event

Whether your server platform is Linux, Windows, MAC, UNIX or something else, your applications will show up in the process stack. We use a variety of methods to check the stack to ensure your applications are running and available. Monitoring the process stack is an important part of Application Monitoring.

Benefits of Applications Monitoring

Performance Analysis:

Application monitoring provides performance reports around processor, memory and storage resources used by a particular application. The performance reports can be used for fine tuning the hardware and ensure that your business requirements are met.

Availability and Uptime Guarantee:

Application monitoring can predict application failures even before they occur. Using the alerts generated by the monitoring tool, business users can take corrective action and prevent application outages. Application uptime guarantee is key for meeting some of the business level SLAs for different companies.

Capacity Planning

Application monitoring provides trending information on resource usage and capacity planning reports. Using these reports, you can plan your hardware resource allocations for future upgrades as per your business needs.